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Описание приложения

Multi-Language Vocabulary is an art that leads to better communication, which itself leads to better Leadership.
Multi-lingual people excel in all areas of life, be it in professional setup or a social setting or even in creative writing communication. It prepares you better for the future
This app​ can make you a master of following languages
Haitian Creole

In this era of globalization, learning different languages has become a must-have. Use “World Language Learner” app to talk to a person in a different country in their language incorrect pronunciation to win hearts instantaneously. Language represents culture, to know a language is to learn a new culture and the history; Language is your empathy towards them.

You can change the perception of people and transform the monotony of learning into fun! Break down barriers and start exploring by learning the plethora of interesting languages and open the window of schooling.

The usual problem; how do you improve vocabulary and its pronunciation with ease. Amongst the multitude of choice of books and apps, Edutainment adVentures presents a unique “Forced-Memorization” technique called TurboPlay. Utilize this feature to boost your brain-cells with foreign language gems.

Pick up a new language to grow yourself and easily make an impact on others. Our Apps are studded with features and tools that are not found elsewhere (discussed below). You can play trivia games involving one or multiple languages. It is startling to see the similarities among the adjacent languages by seeing words juxtaposed next to each other.

Edutainment adVenture suite of World Language Learner App of well over 54 languages is the most comprehensive “beginners to experts” offline App equipped with 2135 essential words and short phrases neatly stacked in 55 useful categories. You can use it anytime at your convenience without the internet connection. And the images only lead to better memorization and rapid comprehension.

* TurboPLay - “Forced-Memorization” technique lets you control the iterations, speed, gaps, pitch.
* Quick List Stapling - Let’s save your time. Go through the quick list that acts as staples! Learn the words that are crucial and become a pro in the language!
* EduBank - Like the word? Want to save it? Here is an option. Save all your important words in the EduBank to memorize later!
* Quiz and Trivia are more game-like rather than just monotonous testing - Challenge your knowledge with exciting quiz. For example -
* Image based quiz- See the image in front of you and guess the translation!
* Audio Challenge- Listen to the audio and identify the word!
* Guess the correct word- Play to translate the words!
* Contribute - If you think we missed something, contribute it. We will add them.
* Potpourri - See the list of all the available words within a category for many languages at a time. Potpourri will enable you to have the view in a matrix form.
* Search - Just type the word in the search column. There you go!
* Switch Lingo - Switch your base language. You have plethora of languages to choose from!

Pronunciation / Phonetic / Audio of the words and quizzes infuses your brain in a smart and crisp manner to attain superior diction. Prior to heading to a different land, World Language Learner App is all you need.

Full features and content under these categories require additional in-app purchases as mentioned below:-

A. BePro-Unlock Language - This purchase unlocks all the content in each category

B. BePro-Unlock All Languages - This purchase unlocks all premium content and unlimited switching of languages

C. BePro-Ads Free - This purchase makes the app Ads free

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