MQ GreenThumb

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Совместимость: iPhone & iPad

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Описание приложения

MQ GreenThumb is the single-best resource for all plant lovers.

Key Features:

• Turn your iPhone or iPad into an incident light meter for plants.

• Know where to place your plants to ensure they are getting the optimal light they need to thrive in your home. 

• Detailed descriptions on common houseplants, complete with growing tips, photos and web resources.

• Find Plants for Location Feature also known as “What plants can I grow in my house?” Solution: Do you have a place where you want to grow a plant, but you’re not sure which one will survive there? With the new update, you’ll be able to search for plants based on the light available in that location!

• Copy plant names to clipboard for Web searches: If you’re big on researching plants, we’ve made the process a little faster… long-press on any plant name in the plant detail page to copy to your clipboard for easy pasting into web searches.

Why you’ll love MQ GreenThumb:
 It's difficult to visually distinguish the difference between "bright light" vs "dappled sunlight", especially on overcast days, or if you've just moved from a dark room to a bright room; how bright is "bright", right? The GreenThumb app offers a tangible answer to a cloudy question (pun-intended), "How much light is there?" in your home, greenhouse, or garden. It really takes the guess work out of relying on our eyes to determine how much light is too much or not enough.

Both functional and easy to use, MQ GreenThumb offers clear descriptions and pictures, as well as the associated light ranges required for each plant; the optimal light ranges are conveniently integrated with the light meter to help you find the best location to place every plant. This is the ONLY plant-specific app available that uses your device camera as a light meter. Simply place your phone in the area in which you wish to grow your plants and watch the light meter measure how much light is there (in foot-candles or lux) and show you how much is required for any specific plant. No longer will your cactus shrivel up into a skeletal shell in a darkened corner of your house, because you'll know it requires at least 3,000 foot-candles to grow and flourish!

Did you know that you can grow your own avocado tree indoors?

Or that you can grow a bouquet of Calla Lilies, fit for a wedding, right in your own kitchen?

Or that Aloe plants have been used for centuries to promote healthy skin and even Cleopatra's cosmetics contained the succulent plant?

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