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Описание приложения

The application myUse can keep track, graph and mail your electricity, gas and water usage. Keeping track of your environmental footprint is becoming more and more important. Not everyone is keeping track of the electricity, gas or water usage as often as they should. Main reason for that is that it is not so user friendly to walk to the meters every once in a while, write down the numbers on a piece of paper, walk to the computer, add the numbers into your spreadsheet and do some calculations with it.

Apart from normal "counters", the application also supports "pre-paid" and "virtual" meter types. This means that you can also track your pre-paid mobile phone usage.
Virtual meters can be used to add or subtract counters into new meters. E.g. electricity = "usage - sun collector".

Ease of use

The new myUse app will help you to keep track of your measurements in a user friendly way. Based on your average consumption it will already make an estimate of the probable reading of the meter. So all you need to do is push the add button to confirm that reading, or easily adjust the estimated value.When the meter is of the pre-paid type, you can also add the amount of credits you've bought that day.

Thanks to the built in flashlight (iPhone only), it has become even easier to read your meters in little daylight.


You can query all filled out data of a single type of measurement. The myUse app adds average usage values between two entry dates. A color will show whether your daily usage is above, below or on your normal consumption.


A scrollable graph is created for every type of measurement. As soon as you filled out more than two measurements of a type, the graph will start showing your average consumption. It will also show a horizontal average usage axis, so you can see your use compared to the average in an easy way. Double tap on the graph to switch between "fixed width" and scaled with, based on the moment of query.
The graph shows your average daily usage.


Based on your average use, the myUse app will calculate your yearly usage of that measurement type.


You can export your readings easily via e-mail. The address you are mailing your usage to can be edited via the iPhone/iPod settings menu.


You can export your readings as a .csv file to your dropbox account. You can also import .csv files from into myUse! If you don't have a dropbox account yet, you can create one from within myUse.

No limit on usage types

In the myUse app there is no limit in the amount of usage types you can keep track of. It is also possible to delete irrelevant usage types. Every meter can be of the type counter, pre-paid or virtual.

Suggestions, bugreports and feature requests are welcome. Check out the "Contact" form for that or twitter me via @steviethecat.

The beautiful icon and splash screen have been made by Samer Hadi ( Icons within myUse are provided under Creative Commons license, courtesy of (for the tabbar icons) and for the other icons.

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