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Nationwide Mobile Banking

Издатель: Nationwide Building Society
Цена: Бесплатно
Совместимость: iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

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Описание приложения

Join over 3 million of our members who are using the Nationwide Banking App for their everyday banking needs. It’s simple to get started.

##Manage your everyday banking needs##
Securely log-in using Touch ID, Face ID or 3 numbers of your passnumber. Once signed in you can use the app to view your balances, make payments, search for transactions and much more.

##Become a super saver##
You can use the app to create Savings Goals, easily see what your savings interest rate is, and also make impulse savings into your account - without having to log in.

##Frequently asked questions##

-- I’ve never used the app before. How do I start?
Tap the ‘Get’ button on the screen to download the app. Once downloaded, simply follow the instructions on screen. From there, all you’ll need are your Nationwide account details or debit card and card reader and the app will help you finish setting up.

-- How safe is the Nationwide Banking App?
Our Digital Banking promise means:

• We'll refund any money taken from your account without your authorisation
• We'll monitor & protect your account 24/7 with the latest technology
• We'll provide you with education on how to stay safe including top tips and information on the latest fraud and scam trends

(Please see our website for full terms and conditions. T&Cs apply.)

##You can use the app to##

• View your accounts; savings, loans, mortgages, credit cards and current accounts.
• Browse our product offerings, and open new accounts
• Freeze/unfreeze your debit card
• Report lost or stolen cards
• Change your passnumber
• Setup new bill payments and check existing payments (you may need your card reader for some transactions)
• Setup and track a Savings Goal
• Personalise your settings to update your personal details, get text alerts and go paperless

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381028 оценки

Simple and easy to use.

I find this app very easy to use. Instructions for use are straightforward. I very rarely visit a branch now, which has been brilliant during the lockdowns. I can set up payments, pay money to companies and individuals

18 Янв 2021 г.

Stopped working

It was excellent but now rarely opens, just a hazy pastoral scene. Is it the app or OS? Very disappointing as previous versions were perfect for me.

18 Янв 2021 г.

Unable to load log in page

This has been going on for some time. The log in page doesn’t load. The only way to get it to work is to uninstall it and then reinstall. It might work once or twice and then I’m back to being unable to log in. I thought it might have been fixed with last update but obviously not as still having the problem. It’s most annoying.

18 Янв 2021 г.

Not happy!

I downloaded the Nationwide app onto my iPad afew weeks ago. All went well until 3 days ago. When I try to open it I either get the tree filled screen, with or without the word Nationwide, or a black screen or,possibly, the words “ establishing a secure connection” and small star. The screen never moves on however long I leave it.I have resorted to my reliable laptop on which I can do all my banking needs but is not as handy as my iPad, which works on all my other apps.Jackie Shore

18 Янв 2021 г.

Having problems

Great app can only fault one thing I cannot use the quick balance function I slide to yes and then save and it gives me the tick to say saved but nothing else I have another bank on quick balance so I know it is not my phone please help

18 Янв 2021 г.

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