Стрельба по мишени из глины 3D

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Рейтинг загрузок - iOS - Россия
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Описание приложения

The outdoor clay pigeon shooting frenzy is real! Pack your shotguns, take your equipment and accessory and go to a competition. This is the best shooting range game with sporting clays, clay pigeon shooting, trap shooting. Prepare your guns, there are many different types so choose wisely: over and under, semi-auto, side-by-side, pump-action and single-shot. You will also need shotgun cartridges but remember! For clay competition the cartridge size cannot exceed 2.6 mm. Don’t make any mistakes!

With prepared shotgun, ammo, equipment and accessories you’re ready to win this competition! Clay Target Shooting: Tourney is the most fun and realistic 3D shooting grounds game you will ever see. Reloading is automatically done so you don’t need to worry about that. Just simply tap and shoot! However, try not to miss any clays. Beat infinite amount of procedurally generated waves, get the best score and win the event! You’re shooting in the outdoors because indoor skeet shooting with some funny laser is for the weaklings! Be a real man or woman and shoot them all outdoor! Test your skills, load up the cartridge to your shotgun and score “kill” on every single clay pigeon (they are called traps as well).

This game is a range shooter. Become a shooting expert just simply tap and shoot!

There is infinite amount of scenarios in this game, because it’s randomly generated. Experience the real fun all day! Clay pigeon is coming, don’t miss it! Let’s hunt some more!

Easy ‘tap to shoot’ controls will let you focus on what’s most important in the games: joy from free hunting. Feeling bored with tap to shoot clones where you play as a sniper in ww2, shoot from tanks or shoot zombies? Hate all those “only for girls” farm candy games? If so, try Clay Target Shooting: Tourney. Hunting from a completely different perspective. Clay Target Shooting: Tourney brings you beautiful hunting sceneries of fields, forests and hunting grounds in full 3D for free.

The hunting season is ON!

Did you know?
Live-pigeon competitions were made illegal in the UK in 1921.

Be an expert in the firearms, the seasoned hunter veteran. Get the best score and make other players jealous. Don’t let any of the trap (pigeon) targets fly away!

The most realistic and fun clay pigeon or trap shooting!
Shotgun shooting is precise and feels real
A bunch of shotguns
Different cartridges for your weapon
Arcade challenge
Easy and smooth controls
Mind-blowing graphics and sound effects
Good-looking shooting ranges
Infinite amount of difficulty levels and gameplay variability
Real trajectories and angles of the traps thrown

The game has inanimate bird shooting so it doesn’t contain any violence. Clay Target Shooting: Tourney is great for everyone: men, women, girls, boys, kids, elders! Skeet shooting is an Olympic discipline, so eventually you may even aim for an Olympic gold medal.

Different types of weapons: crossbows, bow, colt, pistol, revolver, machine gun, bazooka
Indoor shooting for the weaklings
Olympic skeet shooting discipline, Olympiad attendance
Multiplayer match system, real-time competition with friends (PvP)
Character creation
Character gear
Bullet time
More cartridges, shotguns, arsenal

Why are you even reading this? Let’s hunt already!

Check out our crossbow target shooting and crossbow hunting, elite sniper shooting range and duck hunting games! Also we have the best archery games with cool bows. We honestly do have a lot of fun sport games.

Have fun, Play Cool Zombie Sport Games.

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