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Издатель: Inclusive Credit Lending Inc.
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Описание приложения

“Pinoy Peso” is a fast cash loan platform in the Philippines owned and operated by Inclusive Credit Lending Inc. with SEC Company Registration No. CS201909928 and Certificate of Authority No. 3007 issued on 21 June 2019.

In the platform we provide safe, affordable and fast cash loans online services for people that are in need of emergency cash or those who just want to get a personal loan. Our strategy is low interest rate on peso loan helps you keep your financial status on track.

Our Vision: Make everyone have credit!

How to apply?

1) Install fast cash loan app Pinoy Peso and register with your own phone number.
2) Fill out online loan application form.
3) Wait for fast cash loan approval.
4) Claim your cash loan.

Loan Term: More than 91 days
Daily Interest: up to 1%
Amount:Up to 10000 Peso
For example, if you loan P10,000.00 peso for 1 year, your total repayment will be P10,000.00*(10%+25%)+P10,000.00=P13,500.00

The borrower/user of Pinoy Peso is encouraged to study the terms and conditions in the disclosure statement before proceeding with any loan transaction under this app.


1. By sending your online application, you will receive SMS/Phone from Pinoy Peso confirming/verifying the information in your application
2. After evaluation, Pinoy Peso will confirm loan transaction and contact borrower via SMS within 24 hours and claim the loan proceeds in the nearest merchant partner MLhuillier / Cebuana / Coins / GCash
3. Easily to see the status of your loan by simply logging in to Pinot Peso
4. The interest of the borrowed money will start accruing after the loan proceeds are released to the borrower.


Pinoy Peso is asking for permission to access all personal data relevant, material and required for the loan transaction. This information is not limited to the GPS location/Contacts/Camera for scanning documents supporting the application as well as the loan transaction. Upon submission of the application/loan transaction, the borrower/user hereby consents to the use of the above-mentioned required information.


1. Authorized Pinoy Peso customer service agents will send SMS/Call reminding borrower of the loan transaction and repayment due date
2. Borrowers of Pinoy Peso should strictly pay only through authorized payment partners and the code number which indicated in Pinoy Peso App.
3. Customer who fulfilled the loan, the Pinoy Peso will automatically clear the record system, and can apply again.
4. The borrower strictly undertakes to abide in good faith with the terms and conditions of the loan agreement.

Start discovering new offer in our system, in the future we are going to build more offers you can try and enjoy the service for those have good customer record.

Note: Pinoy Peso is allowed for use only for 18 years old and above

Contact us:

Pinoy Peso/Inclusive Credit Lending Inc.
SEC Company Registration No. CS201909928
Certificate of Authority No. 3007
Office Address: Unit No. 2704, 27th Floor Tycoon Center Bldg. Pearl Drive Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig City
Mobile No: +639150684397 and +639294822658

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