Preschool Learning Pro

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Описание приложения

Welcome to Best Calculations For people! Is a new educational app that focuses on Calculations and learning. This colorful game presents a collection of Calculations exercises .

People will learn:
1. Counting Numbers
Count the number of objects and click the correct answer from the given numbers.

2. Comparing numbers
Check the numbers value and drag the correct suitable sign "LessThan","GraterThan" or "EqualTo" to the empty box to match equality.

3. Arranging numbers
Check the object sizes and arrange the numbers in ascending order or in descending order.

4. Adding Numbers
Find the sum of the numbers in the wooden box and pop the balloon with correct answer.

5. Subtracting Numbers
Find the difference of the numbers in the wooden box and pop the balloon with correct answer.

6. Objects Patterns
Observe the Pattern and drag the correct object from the available objects to complete the pattern.

* A simple and easy to understand game.
* Supports all screen sizes.

Wouldn't it be just wonderful if there was a simple game for people that made learning numbers and basic skills enjoyable? There is! It's called Preschool Learning - and it will teach you how to count, as well the basics of addition, subtraction and much more!

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In this game no one place shown Ads or no one In-app. So as to not to disturb you during any path and you san enjoy with game.

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Prophetic Application brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games . which are all hugely loved by people . We are entirely devoted to build user friendly games related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for all peoples. Stay with us for the latest updates of Prophetic Application on App Store and get more of games.

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