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Описание приложения

SabayLok is easy to use and upload selling items for free.

SabayLok is an online marketplace in Cambodia that let you buy and sell both new and used stuff just in a minute. It is a great place to buy and sell any things used cars, house, lands, fashion, cosmetic, computers, phones, and more.

Guest Login:

Most intelligent and advance search will help user to search by keyword, category, type, location with multiple ways to find news and to get what they want such as used cars, house, lands, computers, phones, fashion, cosmetic, Cambodia hotels etc.


Great place to find deal with best price: used cars, house, lands, computers, phones, fashion, cosmetic, Cambodia hotels etc.


- Create ad or post selling items for free
- Easy way to upload images
- Promote their selling to customers.
- Own profile can add their photo or business logo.
- Share their ad on facebook, instagram, youtube etc.
- Great place to sell: used cars, house, lands, computers, phones, fashion, cosmetic, Cambodia hotels etc.

How It Works:

- Buy and sell anything easily just in a minute
- Easily register or login using facebook or gmail account
- Search for Thousands of Ads with keywords
- Browse items by category, type, location
- Communication with seller via text chat or mobile number
- Buyers and sellers chat securely from within the app
- User have the option for rating sellers
- User can report an ad or share an ad on social media
- Seller easily can manage their profile

Important Features:

- Bump up ad
- User Public Profile
- Intelligent Advance Search
- Google map integration
- Images Re ordering
- Category Based Featured ads feature
- Featured Ads
- Mode Of Communication
- Messaging System
- Price Based Search
- AD Type Based Search
- Seller Public Profile
- Seller Rating
- Location Based Search
- Title Based Search
- Social Media Login and Register

About SabayLok:

SabayLok is the best marketplace in Cambodia to buy and sell house, lands, real estate, used cars, motorcycles, computers, tablets, cell phones, fashion, cosmetic, furniture, foods, services, and more.

Our vision is to create a trustworthy and easy-access platform for everyone, particularly people living in Cambodia, to do business online and to become the biggest online marketplace in Cambodia.

Our mission is to bring people from different areas in Cambodia, to sell and buy their goods - both new and second-hand online. We encourage for all kinds of business to sell and buy in our online marketplace and create a safe and trustworthy place where everyone enjoy doing their e-commerce and expending their online market over Cambodia.

Why Joins

Your successes are our successes. We together create a successful and well-known online shopping in Cambodia. We share our benefits and successes with a trustworthy manner at SabayLok, and we do not need to compete to become successful.

Thank You Messages:

We would like to thank you for the supporting all along and trust to become a part of SabayLok. On SabayLok's platform, we become a community who support each other to have successful e-businesses and to grow together economically.

Rating and Reviewing:

Thank you for the rating and taking the time to write the review. Your feedback is really important to us to improve this app. We hope you continue to enjoy reading news on the app. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please write to us here.

Please join with SabayLok and we grow together !

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