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Scratch Wars

Издатель: Notre Game
Цена: Бесплатно со встроенными покупками
Совместимость: iPhone & iPad

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Описание приложения

The first and only strategy game of its kind in the world.

A collectible card game with a completely unique game system the likes of which you have never seen before. No cards on the table, no complicated texts or long, boring fights. And you can forget about having to prepare the cards for hours upon hours.
Kit your hero out with 5 weapons and engage in battle. You’ll see your opponent’s hero in all their glory, you’ll fight them face to face in battles that are lively, full of animations and emotions. Clash with live opponents in fast-paced real-time battles, win cups and fight for position in the league or challenge a friend to a duel. Master your strategy and find the fighting style that best suits you.

The game has several completely novel innovations:
■ No two cards are the same, each one has a unique name and states. There is always the chance of finding an extremely rare collector’s gem.
■ You can play for free and borrow hero and weapon cards. You can always make the money for borrowing by playing.
■ You can make combinations with the physical hero and weapon cards, just scan them into the app
■ You can continue to level up and improve your scanned hero and weapon cards in the app (thus increasing their value)
■ Thanks to the physical cards, you can play on a table and a phone using the same rules
■ Physical cards also have collector value, so they can be swapped and sold
■ All the physical and digital hero and weapon cards are scratch cards, there’s always a surprise lurking underneath
■ The strength of the cards is not so important, it’s more about clever combinations of heroes and weapons and using the right weapons at the right time
■ Discover up to 100 heroes and 150 weapons (all with beautiful 3D models and live animations)

Game features:

• Learn the rules with simple tutorials.
• By playing you can earn money to hire heroes and buy weapons at the market.

• Play PvP battles with other players on the same level.

• Improve your heroes’ and weapons’ powers. Unlike other games, it’s easy to imagine the effect of an upgrade and make sense of the game (it’s not from 1000 to 1020 :)).

• Follow your results in weekly leaderboards.

• Call your friends for an online duel.

• Shop for spells and level them up to the ultimate level.

• Fight the evil Bosses.

• Keep track of your card collection.

Don’t forget to update the app. We’re constantly developing it to open up new opportunities for gaming and fun.

Everything about the game is here: www.scratchwars.com

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Отзывы и оценки приложения

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296 оценки


Dobrý den, bohužel jsou ve hře chyby. Po vybavení, vybrání hrdiny a stisknutí tlačítka hrát. Mě to hodí do hry s úplně jinými zbraněmi nebo dokonce jiným hrdinou. Za mě nezvládnuté otestování hry před aktualizacemi a opravami na úkor hráčů.

17 Июл 2020 г.

Chyby v apk

V apk se neprirazuji hrdinum zbrane a nelze hrat. Kdyz se nahodou stane ze se hrdinovi nejakym zpusobem zbrane priradi, tak hledate soupere 5min. Asi je to tim ze vsechny hrace tahle chyba odradila od hrani a na mne to zapusobilo stejne. Chyba pretrvava cely tyden a vyvojari nenaprsvili stale nic. Radeji nestahujte.

18 Июл 2020 г.

po upgradu

zmizely zbrane .. hrdina i po vlozeni zbrani si je neudrzi. Nefungovalo vyhledavani soupere .. to uz naskocilo ale jinak se to ted moc neda hrat.

19 Июл 2020 г.

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