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Описание приложения

SuperOp is changing the way you work out! Simply measure your condition and make the most effective workout for you, the one that improves your performance the most, whilst protecting your body!

SuperOp makes the difference both for agonists and for passionate cyclists, runners, triathletes, swimmers, rowers, cross country skiers etc.
Have you got your goal clear? Not improving enough, or not fast enough? Or do you want to improve your training experience and protect your body? Get there with SuperOp, it’s easy!
With a quick measure of blood pressure and heart rate, SuperOp tells you every morning how much your body has recovered and how ready it is to absorb with benefit a new workout, on a scale from 0 to 100%.
SuperOp easily completes any training approach: whether you train alone, with a coach, or follow a workout plan, you can easily tweak the duration and/or intensity of your training sessions according to your Organic Readiness and make them incomparably more effective!

With SuperOp you avoid mistakes, respect your body and improve your performance. If you have a coach, you can share SuperOp's responses with him/her, in order to have your training plan perfectly adapted to suit you. If instead you train by yourself, SuperOp will help you to follow a simple and effective training optimization strategy.

Get in touch with our Customer Support to know more about performance improvement and our SuperOp system, but first take a look at the app interface and read the User's Guide: it will give you some great tips about training optimization with SuperOp!

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