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Описание приложения

An app for all things Tarot – get a live detailed personal reading with an experienced tarot reader for any life area when and where you need it, or explore the vast world of tarot on your own with the super-fun tools we created just for you.

Whether it’s your love life, career, finances, family, social life, well being or health that have you curious or worrying, the web’s best live readers are here to offer you accurate tarot predictions, personal advice and spiritual guidance based on insightful tarot layouts and spreads. Benefit from their fascinating expertise, or use our free Daily card, 3-card or full-spread reading options and interpret your own reading!

Also completely FREE is your first 3 minutes with every live Tarot reader who’s new to you. Get to know the different psychic readers who offer their services through our platform, ask them questions, get a short reading or start a detailed one, get a quick preview into their reading style to be able to choose the best reader for your changing wants and needs.

No screening or extra steps – currently, everyone who downloads our app is entitled to FREE 3 minutes with every new Tarot reader – unlimited, any day, any time, in any Tarot reading category – love and romance, career and finances, family, friends, social life, wellbeing, health, general readings, yes/no readings, one-card, 3-card or full spread readings, and more.

When you find a reader you like, who gives you that amazing reading you deserve, in the way you want it, our app gives you the instant ability to save them to your Favorite readers for future reference, and easy access and view. Reach them with just one tap and start chatting anytime you want.

Using your favorites link, you can find your own favorite personal psychic reader for all your future readings and develop a meaningful supportive long-term relationship with them, allowing them to empower you at life’s difficult moments, and expand your joy when life is joyous. You can also have a preferred reader for each life area.

Tried, tested, reviewed and rated by millions of users from around the world, many of our tarot card readers have been working in their psychic specialties for many years. Short on time? Simply check out their average rating. The number of stars they got is listed right there for you to view before you make your selection. We’ve made it visually super easy for you to be able to choose your reader at a glance.

But if you’ve got a few minutes on your hands, take a look at the reviews other querents have written – they were written by people like you, app users who have gotten real readings from real readers who then went onto share their experience to benefit you and to give feedback to the reader. Read at least a few reviews, and maybe even more, to get a good sense of the reader before you start a reading with them.

Here’s something you should know – we don’t edit user submissions – neither the ratings nor the reviews. What you see is what other users have submitted, to a tee. This helps ensure 100% trust – a value we don’t compromise on at any level, to ensure all our app users can experience, time after time, year after year, the excellent psychic service our platform is renowned for.

We encourage you to send us feedback as well – let us know how we’re doing, how our platform can be further improved, and how our psychics can serve you even better. Tell us what you think about the tools and the automatic readings we offer, too.

So, why wait? Our app is 100% FREE to download. Within seconds you too can get private and detailed readings from top readers, readings that answer your very specific questions, that help you explore options, and make better, more informed decisions.

Real card spreads, live advice, in full privacy, at your fingertips any day and time you want. Join millions of users from around the world who’ve benefited from our amazing Tarot platform already.

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