Tasbeeh Counter- Digital Dhikr

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Описание приложения

Tasbih is a digital version of tasbih / tasbeeh that helps Muslims dzikr activity. Misbaha or subḥah in Arabic. Tasbih in Persian & Urdu, tespih, rosary in English. Auto count each wazifa, dhikr, tasbih.

Tasbeeh (tasbih) is a form of zikir (dhikr,zikar, zikr) that involves the repetitive utterances of short sentences glorifying Allah (c.c). Usually, Muslims use tasbeeh beads to help them the zikr words. This app brings your pocket online tasbih beads.

In Tasbeeh Apps you could see abjad of Names of Allah (c.c.) (Abjad: A system of notation in which each of the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet is assigned a numerical value. Now chiefly historical) In Arabic alphabet how is names of Allah (c.c.) written, abjad value is the zikir (dhikr) or tasbeeh counter of zikir (dhikr) words. for example Er-Rahman (All-Merciful) you will repeat Er-Rahman 298 times. ın Sufism relief if you repeat these names of Allah (c.c.) (Islamic Allah names) in a day your psychology will be good. El-Mu'min if you will say 136 times you will feel safe yourself according to the meaning of names of Allah. (c.c) (Islamic Allah names) that’s named as Athkar, Dhikr, Zikr,wazifa
A lot of tasbeehs and duas to say easily and brilliantly. Also, you can add your tasbeehs. for example.

Easily count and save automatically your tasbeeh,wazifa
-Tap on the screen to increment the counter.
-Vibrates and plays click sound.
-User-friendly interface with configurable vibration.
Resume from your last tasbeeh, athkar.
You can say daily tasbeeh, for each weekday. You will say after salah tasbeeh,athkar
You will find special duas and tasbeehs eg. after rainfall, or at the times of worry or times of sorry.

“Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured. ” [Qur’an- 13 Ar-Rad, surah, verse 28]
You can make your special tasbeeh (dhikr) for yourself, You can add your special tasbeehs

You can save your special tasbeeh with this application. if you close Tasbeeh Counter your zikirmatik (dhikr) will not be replaced. even you open the tasbeeh counter you can resume your last dhikr,wazifa and unfinished dhikrs,zikr. (Islamic Allah names)
Voice alert for reminder, zikr (dhikr) counter. Vibrating alert for a reminder or vibrate when close to 5 or 10 etc.
reset all counters.

You can save your tesbihat with smart dhikr application which is designed as a real tasbeeh counter that looks like a ring. You can use the mobile dhikr application for the names of ALLAH (c.c), Salat-ı Tefriciye and for Salaah Tesbihat. Tasbeeh application will record your all dhikrs.

Even you close Tasbeeh Counter, the number of the dhikr, (tasbih, rosary,athkar) will not be erased. When you restart the application, the dhikr number will appear on the screen. You should press the button to pulse the number.

You can save your dhikrs as the number of dhikrs, date and the name of the dhikrs to press the save button. You don't have to check the screen because the digital tasbeeh counter app will give you vibration warning. Tasbeeh Counter has three buttons basically: counter button, saving button and pulse button.

Taspeeh Counter application has also a a premium feature package::
That is a subscription based service, which enables users to use the app without advertisements and with extra features. That is an auto-renewable subscription. Subscription period is one week. Payment is charged to the App Store account at confirmation. Subscription is renewed unless turned off 24hours before the end of period, and account will be automatically charged for renewal as well. You may turn it off in your Account Settings anytime. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be fortfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication where applicable.

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