виртуальный Подруга имитатор

Издатель: Asad Khan
Цена: Бесплатно со встроенными покупками
Совместимость: iPhone & iPad

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Рейтинг загрузок - iOS - Россия
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Описание приложения

Are you tired of being single this valentines?? Is there someone you love or someone who is on your
mind all day?? Is there possibly no way of approaching her to say your heart in a proposal?? Well, time
to let your loneliness away, if you are already single in real life, play this game and you won’t be single
anymore but only in a virtual reality…
This dramatic romance game is just right for everyone honestly, for valentines as the game protagonist
struggles his ways through to get a girlfriend!! Witness this virtual struggle yourself (not in real life so
don’t worry) by downloading the game and playing it to your hearts content!!!
The game has many options and choices for you to go through to get to the girlfriend and get through
the game!!! It has proposal setting, it has a fight to protect the girlfriend setting, it has an approaching
setting, it has a date setting as well as a romance setting!!!
The dramatic game unfolds into a dream which comes true as the blossoming love story of the boyfriend
and girlfriend!! There’s nothing more innocent then the blooming love story of a teenager couple
struggling romance!! The girlfriend with the boyfriend and the boyfriend with the girlfriend!!
The issues which seem so heavy in a love story then become something to laugh at in the future as a
couple!! This girlfriend simulator is just like that!! You make your struggles to propose to your aspiring
girlfriend, circumstances become grim and you try to protect her because of which she starts to respect
you which results in her to choose romance over arrogance which is the start of a new love story and a
loving couple!!!
This game follows the following chronological pattern; the boy and the girl have a little chat in their
university where the boy makes the proposal to her to become his girlfriend. Unfortunately, she rejects.
He then decides to prove his love to her! He helps her inside the university cafe but shyly she goes
It’s not until the girl is surrounded by a bunch of teenager gangster boys who start to tease her then the
boy comes to rescue her and protect her!! He succeeds in running them away and so saves the girl!!! He
then makes a proposal to her again by presenting her flowers. Overwhelmed, she accepts and becomes
his girlfriend.
Then the two go on a dinner date as a couple and finally he takes her on a romantic long drive. They
lived happily, forever as girlfriend and boyfriend!!!

~~~ HOW TO PLAY ~~~
* Download the game and begin as instructed
* Select all the options that you want which appear on screen
* Play the game
* Use joystick on screen to move about
* Perform tasks in the provided time
* Navigation provided on screen to locate mission
* Use onscreen icons to perform different action
* Continue to proceeding levels

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