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Совместимость: iPhone & iPad

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Посмотреть историю рейтингов загрузок FieldMonitor в {Россия}.
История рейтингов показывает, насколько приложение FieldMonitor популярно в магазине iOS, и позволяет узнать об изменениях популярности с течением времени. Вы можете отслеживать показатели эффективности FieldMonitor по дням и по часам в разных странах, категориях и на разных устройствах.
Рейтинг загрузок - iPhone - Россия
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Описание приложения

IMPORTANT: DO NOT buy FieldMonitor without reading this ENTIRE description.

Some cameras have VERY LIMITED capabilities in remote mode: test your camera using its native Wi-Fi app and make sure your workflow and recording formats are supported BEFORE buying FieldMonitor. Email me if you have any questions!

• If a camera control or feature does not work with the native app, it won’t work with FieldMonitor.

• FieldMonitor has no playback, review or download capability, only shooting controls.

• FieldMonitor has the same latency, resolution, and reliability as the native app.

• Wi-Fi monitoring needs a clear Wi-Fi channel. In areas with many busy Wi-Fi networks and/or sources of radio interference, performance cannot be guaranteed. Test for acceptable performance with your camera’s native app BEFORE buying FieldMonitor.

See for more details.


FieldMonitor™ lets you monitor picture, exposure, and color on supported Fujifilm™, Panasonic™, and Sony™ cameras, and Teradek™ H.264 transmitters. FieldMonitor runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Use markers to show safe areas, aspect ratios, and framing grids. Desqueeze anamorphic images, cropped to your final aspect ratio. Flip the image on either axis. Focus Assist helps you nail focus (camera sources only). Use a waveform monitor, vectorscope, and/or histogram to monitor exposure and color balance. Add 3D LUTs (camera sources only).

With iPhone 5S or later, iPod touch 6G or later, iPad Air or later, iPad mini 2 or later, or iPad Pro, you can see a false-color picture with adjustable levels.

With a supported camera and lens you can start/stop recording, control exposure and color settings, and zoom or focus remotely. Controls are designed for fast, realtime adjustments.


• FieldMonitor does not work with cine cameras or camcorders, only “hybrid” still & video cameras like the GH5 and A7Sii. Panasonic S1-series cameras are not supported.

• Audio is not transmitted from cameras, only Teradeks.

• Camera Wi-Fi images are 640x360, 320x180, or 1024x576 depending on the camera (for 16x9 formats). Teradeks support 720p and 1080p.

• Fujifilm: only X-T3 and X-T100 are supported. X-T3 only records 1080p / 29.97 fps; X-T100 only records 720p / 24 fps. On-camera display and controls are disabled. For manual focus, mechanical-focus lenses must be used (not XC or XF lenses). Focus points can only be set in photo mode. HDMI can’t be used. No High Speed recording. Camera shuts down when app is terminated.

• “Smart Remote” Sonys do NOT allow use of Picture Profiles (including S-Log) or S&Q Motion when using Wi-Fi remote control. Focus points can only be set in photo mode.

• “Ctrl w/ Smartphone“ Sonys do not display focus area, battery level, and/or storage info. Focus points can’t be set in the app.


• Fujifilm: only X-T3 (at 1080p/29.97) and XT100 (at 720p/24).

• Panasonic: only Lumix cameras that transmit a live view while recording when using Image App. GH3 and earlier cameras do NOT support video recording in Wi-Fi remote mode. S1 series cameras using LUMIX Sync are NOT supported.

• Sony: only Alpha and RX cameras that transmit a live view while recording when using Imaging Edge Mobile. A5000, A6000, A7, A7R, A99 and earlier cameras do NOT support video recording in Wi-Fi remote mode.

• Teradek: Cube (100–600 series), VidiU, and Clip transmitters. Bolt, Serv Pro, and 700–800 series Cubes are NOT supported.

• More info at


Fujifilm & Camera Remote; Panasonic, Lumix, & Image App; Sony & Imaging Edge; Teradek, Cube, Clip, VidiU, Serv, & Bolt are all trademarks of their respective owners. FieldMonitor is an independently-developed app; Fujifilm, Panasonic, Sony, and Teradek are not responsible for FieldMonitor’s performance, suitability, or fitness for purpose.

Camera Remote API by Sony.

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