Off Road Jeep Hill Вождение 4x4

Издатель: Amjad Islam
Цена: Бесплатно
Совместимость: iPhone & iPad

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Рейтинг загрузок - iOS - Россия
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Описание приложения

Looking for a new and exciting jeep hill climb game? We are bringing Off Road Jeep Hill Driving 4x4 for you to fulfil your excitement. This will be a challenging task for you to drive your jeep in an off-road environment in a hilly place. You will be given task to collect trophies available on the road to increase your cash and score. From that digital cash, you can unlock other jeeps which are also given for your better jeep driving experience. Driving jeep on a mountain with sharp turns will really test your pro driver skills. While driving, you have to be very careful on this dangerous road. This will bring real fun in your life as a fun games lover. You may have driven cars and other small vehicles, but driving a powerful jeep would be a new and challenging experience for you. This is a free game for smart phone users. This is a new jeep adventure game, you will enjoy this game most in a 3d environment.
This is a different game from other jeep driving games. You may have to move to and fro to collect awarded trophies in each level. Get behind the wheel of powerful jeeps and show your extreme driving skills in this smart phone game. Enjoy the most smashing adventures of crazy offroad driving experience and become the champion of offroad driving. One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based off road driving for those who have craze of racing offroad jeeps. With this simulation game, you will explore the beauty of hilly surroundings. In this vehicle simulator, you will be given option to choose among multiple control options, like tilt, steering and arrows. So, Keep your spirits up and take on the most difficult challenge in the simulator games which is to drive offroad jeep in to the hill.
Driving in an environment of steep rise and cutting edge will increase your confidence. After this, you will feel yourself a real champion. Enjoy this 3D animated game and refer to your friends.

***** Features of Off Road Jeep Hill Driving 4x4 *****

• Excellent 3D off road environment.
• Smooth jeep driving controls
• Selection among multiple jeeps
• Different tasks for each level
• Tilt, arrow and steering controls
• Real jeep sound effects
• 10 exciting levels
• Realistic 3D graphics and tuned jeep driving physics.

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