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Описание приложения

Mines is a simple and elegant implementation of the classic game Minesweeper.
The purpose of the game is to find all the mines on the board by uncovering all the empty cells. You can use flags to mark the cells suspected of containing a mine to avoid an accidental detonation.

- Predefined and custom board settings.
- Save and load games.
- Resume last unfinished game on launch (enabled by default).
- The first click always opens a clean area.
- You can cheat shooting a laser beam to uncover the next empty cell.
- Optional animations and sounds (enabled by default).
- Smooth graphics: Vector drawing using OpenGL.
- Window can be resized at any time maintaining an approximated (default) or exact aspect ratio.
- Fully customizable appearance. You can change font, colors, and images (you can use your own images too).
- It includes a set of predefined themes.

Uncover Cell: Mouse Left
Toggle Flag: Mouse Right or Shift + Mouse Left

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