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Издатель: NetMotion Wireless, Inc.
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Описание приложения

NetMotion Mobility® is an intelligent VPN that provides performance optimization, WAN acceleration, adaptive policy controls, and operational intelligence data for all major desktop and mobile platforms giving you the most reliable connection of any mobile VPN.

Mobility 11.40 features:

Quality-of-experience and network priority for advanced carrier networks
On every client platform, Mobility supports 3GPP network standards for setting priority, providing transparent and consistent quality of service on advanced carrier networks.

Advanced carrier networks including FirstNet, AT&T ADTM, and Verizon Business Services, use 3GPP standards for packet tagging to prioritize traffic on the network by user and data type so that important data receives priority routing. Most applications need to be re-written to use the standard, unless they’re being secured by Mobility 11.40.

Mobility 11.40 is the only VPN that can set priority by policy so that applications don’t need to be rewritten or upgraded to support priority tagging standards. Mobility also fully supports priority tags set by the operating system and by newer, compatible applications.

Ground-breaking security to enforce device-wide VPN use on iOS devices
Enforce deployment-wide VPN usage on supervised iOS devices to prevent users from accidentally or willfully sending unsecured data.

NetMotion is the only VPN vendor that can enforce deployment-wide VPN use. If the VPN is not active, Mobility blocks all application traffic. This new capability is available to Apple iOS DEP-enrolled devices in supervised mode. When enabled, apps cannot access the network if the user knowingly or accidentally disables the VPN. Security-conscious administrators can reclaim control and enforce remote access security without configuring a per-app VPN for every app on the device.

Built-in Skype optimizations improve performance and reliability
Ensure high-quality video over low-quality networks. Mobility 11.40 now automatically optimizes Skype for Business and other video conferencing solutions, maintaining clear audio and video even when networks have sub-optimal performance.

Microsoft recommends
Mobility 11.40 automatically optimizes Skype for business over networks with variable performance, providing clear audio and video under worsening network quality. Watch our videos showing how our patented packet loss recovery technology maintains high quality audio and video streams, even with 25% packet loss or more. (https://youtu.be/xRRmLWrTiwk)

Support for Mobile IQ® 2.0 data correlation and optimized publishing
Mobility v11.40 and Diagnostics 4.5 standardize the way in which device and user names are exported to Mobile IQ 2.0. This allows Mobile IQ to correlate the located performance and per-application network traffic data from Mobility and Diagnostics with the users and devices that generate them.

Mobility 11.40 also adds a new data type for Mobile IQ 2.0 that logs application flow destinations periodically, optimizing published network flow data.

More flexible enforcement of FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography
Frequent operating system updates combined with evolving methods from NIST for classifying cryptographic libraries complicate the task of maintaining a list of ‘valid’ libraries for security auditors. Mobility 11.40 makes it easy to preserve those modifications when the server is upgraded by prompting admins to reconcile their modified list of libraries with the list that NetMotion ships with each release.

All Mobility clients require a licensed Mobility server in order to work. Visit http://www.netmotionsoftware.com for more.

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