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Описание приложения

★★★★★ #5 in 4 countries! Big thanks to all our fans! ★★★★★
Pavo is a straightforward, powerful and layer based image editor for the Mac. Pavo is also a slick styled and easy to use tool created to allow you to quickly edit your images. Pavo allows you to work with textures, gradients and anti-aliasing to be able to create the best looking results in no time. Besides an extensive collection of integrated image effects ready to be used for modifying the image as you see fit, Pavo also comes with layer based editing and alpha channel adjustment tools.

Supported Formats:
• jpeg
• jpg
• png
• tiff
• tif
• jp2
• gif
• xcf

Basic Tools:
• Rectangular Select Tool
• Elliptical Select Tool
• Lasso Tool
• Polygon Lasso Tool
• Pencil
• Paintbrush
• Colour Sampling Tool
• Eraser
• Paint Bucket
• Gradient Tool
• Crop Tool
• Clone Tool
• Mudge Tool
• Effects Tool
• Zoom Tool
• Position Tool

Supported Effects:
• Gaussian Blur
• Brightness and Contrast
• Gamma
• Hue, Saturation and Value
• White Point
• Colour Ramp
• Convert to CMYK
• Convert to Greyscale
• Invert
• Posterize
• Sepia
• Threshold
• Contrast Sharpen
• Exposure
• Median
• Noise Reduction
• Sharpen
• Random Generator
• CMYK Halftone
• Dot Screen
• Hatched Screen
• Line Screen
• Bloom
• Colour Edges
• Crystallise
• Displacement Distortion
• Edges
• Glass Distortion
• Gloom
• Pixellate
• Pointillise
• Motion Blur
• Zoom Blur
• Bump
• Circle Splash
• Circular Wrap
• Glass Lozenge
• Hole
• Pinch
• Torus Lens
• Twirl
• Vortex
• Checkerboard
• Halo
• Horizontal Stripes
• Sunbeams
• Spotlight
• Starshine
• Vertical Stripes
• Circular Screen
• Kaleidoscope
• Parallelogram
• Perspective
• Scale and Rotate
• Squares
• Triangle
• Perspective
• Scale and Rotate

and so on...

Take your time and enjoy it !

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