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Tank Attack Urban War Sim 3D

Издатель: Lingo Games
Цена: Бесплатно

История рейтингов приложения

Посмотреть историю рейтингов загрузок Tank Attack Urban War Sim 3D в {Россия}.
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Рейтинг загрузок - Windows Phone - Россия
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Описание приложения

Enemy has entered into an urban war of tanks, the epic battle has started at the borders and the surgical strikes are being carried out through the tank attack urban war.

Go behind the enemy lines and attack with full force through the ultimate battle tanks, take your tanks The enemy has invaded and attacked the homeland and destroyed all defence lines and red canyon. Enter into the world of tank blitz and navigate through the vast lands, around the city with advanced controls of the tank, including swipe aiming of the tank turret, detection radars & scope with enemy tagging, gunning down enemy tanks, soldiers with tank attack & bombs.

An awesome battlefield awaits you with its massive panzer ultimate tank and wild parking challenges. The monster tank in battlefield challenges involve driving and simulating the heavy duty tanks through the battlefields, dodging hurdles and army barracks, don’t forget, tanks are extremely difficult to maneuver due to their sheer weight and size. Be the brave soldier who can perform that duty to his nation diligently and take upon simulation missions. Tank attack urban blitz war battle simulator is a free-to-play game, prepare yourself for a real battle behind enemy lines, take the hot seat and simulate your panzer gunner tank into the battlefield with intense combat, survive against the legendary world war 2 armory like T-34, Tiger, Sherman, simulate into modern war fare like Merkava, Panzer, Tagil and mighty M1A2 Abrams, engage into the war of tanks from all around the world.

Take a try at this Tank Attack Urban War Sim 3D and experience the rush and daring atmosphere of a battlefield full of armed vehicles, soldiers, explosives and an army at war. Drive and simulate into the tanks and feel the immensity and power of these battlefield vehicles. Acceleration and braking in this tank simulator will show you how differently they operate. There is no hope for survival. Take charge of your monster panzer Tank and tank war battalion brigade, and blast the enemy panzer tanks. Crash the enemy Weaponry and Armored Aces and go behind the enemy lines to finish the Enemy for once and for all. Are you Ready! To cause some havoc in the battlefield simulate your tank and attack the urban war and destroy the gunner tanks. Feel the Ultimate Tank Blitz and CHAOS as WW2 Tank War Sim is here!

Take command of huge monster panzer war tanks brigade in a bloody and fierce tank war battle on the enemy front lines, go behind enemy lines and test your mettle in one of the best tank war and modern tank battle games online. Be the champ of Tank Attack Urban War. Take out your enemies with cannons, heat seekers, and howitzers. Battle against cunning enemies and become the hero of urban modern tank battle. You are one of the best tank simulator and warrior of your army; you are given some duties to destroy your enemy's forces to save your country.

Your enemy is well prepared and really good equipped with even air force and tank support. There is a fierce fight waiting for you in the deadly battlefield. You will be awarded for your success in the Real Tank War Battle if you destroy enemy forces. So you can defend yourself and your country with monetary support.

Take control of this highly rugged and tough War Machine, engage yourself into the battlefield, set an armed formation and take your enemy at all strike with might. You will have to inflict a deadly urban tank attack blitz war and destroy the enemy with your tank’s heavy canons and machine guns with loaded bombardment heavy bombing skills with accuracy, eliminating enemies at point blank range.

Complete the breath taking and extreme missions and eliminate targets successfully in this free-to-play game and engrave your way to further challenges, be an undefeated hero, your panzer gunner tank is an state of an art in modern tank technology and is fully equipped with high-end war heads and precision weapons with target focusing, maximum damage ability, efficient high end navigation system and radar tracking with first person view controlling along with zoom shot features.

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