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The Comprehensive Playbook for Mobile Product Managers

Achieve your goal of building and optimizing your roadmap faster. Download our Mobile Product Manager Playbook to gain all the insights needed to drive ROI.

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Mobile Minute: Apps Get Flexible to Meet Timely Consumer Demands

Uber Eats leads global Food and Drink competition as more apps consider new services and business models to gain market share.

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What is the Impact of COVID-19 on Mobile Games? A Sit Down with Deconstructor of Fun

We joined Deconstructor of Fun’s podcast to discuss how coronavirus has impacted the demand for mobile gaming and the mobile economy at large.

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Mobile Minute: Global Classrooms Rely on Education Apps As Remote Learning Accelerates

As educators seek new tools, education apps provide a mobile-first approach to learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Introducing: The Ultimate Mobile Marketing Playbook

The mobile market is one of the most competitive spaces in the world and is constantly evolving.

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10 Actions Marketers Need to Take Today To Win On Mobile

Mobile Marketing is more important than ever before. We’ll take you through the 10 actions you can take today to succeed on mobile.

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Introducing the Ad Monetization Report in App Annie Intelligence

Our new Ad Monetization report gives you a view of how apps monetize with ads. Learn which ad networks and individual apps are running ads for any app.


At-Home Fitness Apps in Demand Amidst Coronavirus Lockdowns

Downloads surge for at-home fitness apps like Nike Training Club and Asana Rebel as consumers stay inside to flatten the curve amidst an intensifying coronavirus pandemic.


Weekly Time Spent in Apps Grows 20% Year Over Year as People Hunker Down at Home

As governments and businesses step up their efforts to stop the coronavirus pandemic, consumers on lockdown at home are finding novel ways of using mobile.