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[Infographic] Unlock 5 Key Insights in App Reviews

Kedar Kulkarni and Robert Martin-Short

What’s the fastest way to find the critical insights hidden in all of your app reviews? App Annie’s new infographic shows how app publishers and developers can find the five insights that drive app success.

App Annie recently launched Advanced Reviews, an easy, automated answer to the previously manual task of gleaning insights from countless app reviews. In this new infographic, we break down the five key ways that Advanced Reviews can accelerate the ability to act on user sentiment and performance issues, as well as add the product features that users demand.  

Based on data from the App Annie platform, we found that the average rating of the top 50 iOS apps by downloads worldwide in Q3 2019 was 4.48 in the US. So in order to compete, you have to be ensuring consistent app quality and driving a high volume of positive reviews.  And in order to drive quality, responsiveness is key. After all, a bad rating is just an opportunity to prove your excellent customer service abilities and turn that rating around. 

And what about reviews? With countless reviews on the app store, it can be difficult to sift through them to surface insights that require immediate action. To cut through the sheer volume and bring important opportunities to light, Advanced Reviews uses proprietary algorithms powered by Natural Language Processing to categorize reviews into easily understandable topics as well as highlight recurring keywords, their impact on ratings, and their share of voice among reviews. 

Want to learn more about the insights that are buried in app reviews? Keep reading below to learn more in our new infographic. 

App Annie's Advanced Reviews infographic

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Mobile App Strategy

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